Harpal Singh Pannu

Dr. Harpal Singh Pannu 

Contact : 094642-51454(Cell)
Professor of Sikh Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Chair, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, India
Address: #50, Phase III, Tricone city, Sirhand Road, Patiala, India- 147 001
Email: harpalsinghpannu@gmail.com

Website: harpalsinghpannu.com


Bachelors in Arts with Honour’s, Mahindra College Patiala (1972), Topped the University
Masters in Punjabi Literature (1974) 
Masters in Religious Studies (1977), Topped the University 
M.Phil Religious Studies (1980), Outstanding
Ph.D. Sikh Studies (1988) from Punjabi University, Patiala

Teaching & Research Career

Started Career from Khalsa College, Patiala as an Assistant Professor-1980
Joined Punjabi University as Asst. Professor-1983
Associate Professor-1989
Full Professor-1998
Now teaching M.A., M.Phil classes and supervising Ph.D. Research Scholars,
18 among the scholars got their PhDs' degree and 10 are engaged in their projects,
42 students got M.Phil. degrees

Offices held:

1. Head of the Department for 6 years.
2. Member Senate, faculty & various other University bodies.
3. Member, Board of Directors, Punjab School Education Board Mohali
4. Visiting Professor, University of Religious Studies, Qom, Iran
5. Visiting Professor, Nav-Nalanda University, Nalanda, Bihar
6. Visiting Professor, Department of Buddhist Studies, Delhi University, Delhi
7. Visiting Professor, Department of Guru Nanak Studies Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
8. Founder Director, UGC center for Guru Nanak Studies, Pbi. Univ. Patiala
9. Founder Director, UGC center for Budhist Studies, Pbi. Univ. Patiala
10. Dean Research, Punjabi University, Patiala


1. MS Randhawa Gian Purskar, Language Department, Patiala, 2010
2. Baba Banda Singh Award by Academy of Sikh Religion & Culture, Patiala
3. Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha Award, BKS Trust, Nabha
4. Shiromani Punjabi Sahitkar, 2016, Govt. of Punjab 

Books Published:

1. Sikh Theory of Nature (Punjabi) – Punjabi University, Patiala,  81-7380-844-9
2. Ancient Indian Religions (Punjabi) – Punjabi University, Patiala,  ISBN: 81-7380-657-8
3. Sikh Theory of Time & Eternity (Punjabi) – National Book Shop, Delhi,  ISBN: 81-7116-179-0
4. Gautam Ton Taski Takk- ISBN: 978-93-87745-20-9
5. Rabindernath Tagore- Punjabi University, Patiala ISBN: 81-302-0279-4
6. Art Ton Bandagi Tak- Singh Brothers Amritsar  ISBN: 81-7205-460-2
7. Pathar Ton Rang Takk- Singh Brothers Amritsar
8. Bhai Roop Chand, A Life(ed.) Punjabi University, Patiala
9. Questions of King Milinda( a translation of 1st cent. AD Bodh text)            Punjabi University Patiala  ISBN: 978-81-302-0168-9
10. Japu Nissan(ed. a text of 10 Japu exegesis prepared by Raja Mrigendra Singh ji) published by Punjabi University, Patiala, ISBN: 978-81-302-0248-8
11. Tasnifat-e-Goya, Poetry of Bhai Nand Lal(A text by Bhai Lakashvir Singh evaluating Bhai Nand Lal comparing him with medieval Irani poets)  published by Punjabi University, Patiala, ISBN: 978-81-302-0323-2
12. Sawer ton Sham Takk(Memories of the author regarding encounters with    noble persons), Singh Brothers Amritsar
13. Punjab: A History from Aurangzeb to Mountbatten(Tr),  ISBN: 978-93-5204-046-9
14. Merian Manpsand Kitabaan(Tr) 
15. Joan ton Malala Tak(Lives), Gracious,  ISBN: 978-93-85670-54-1
16. Munajat-e-Bamdadi, PUP,  ISBN: 81-302-0168-2
17. Rajasthani Kathasagar (Tr.)  ISBN: 81-7202-644-3
18. Parashar Prshana (Tr.)  ISBN: 81-7205-663-X
19. Guru Nanak: Life and Philosophy IGNCA, ISBN: 978-93-91045-26-5
20. Chahnama(Tr.)  ISBN: 978-93-91419-14-1
21. Poetry of Khumar(Ed.) ISBN: 978-93-85670-94-7
22. That ton Myth Tak (Essays) Singh Brothers Asr, ISBN: 81-7205-641-9
23. Paonta Sahib ton Hazur Sahib Tak, (Ed), ISBN: 978-92-87765-42-9
24. Iran ate Irani, Singh Brothers Amritsar, ISBN: 81-7205-556-0 

1st April, 2022, Bathinda                                      Dr. Harpal Singh Pannu